James Tallman


Jim Tallman has extensive experience as CEO for top software and technology companies, including most recently at Wolters Kluwer and Datacert, where he led the company in providing world class customer support and market-trending new products and services via a keen focus on R & D. His background also includes international leadership at Intershop Communications, Fujitsu, Technology Solutions Company, and DuPont, and he has lived and worked in North America, Latin America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Jim is bilingual in English and Spanish and currently resides with his family in Houston, Texas.


Partnering for The Future: MOBIUS and Innovative

We face challenging times in the library industry. Library funding constraints coupled with ever increasing patron demands and rapid pace of technology change requires a new form of partnership for all of us. Innovative is investing heavily in the next generation of our library partnership. We are working with MOBIUS and other library partners to evolve the next generation of systems and services recognizing we both have a role, we both have resources, and we both have a common goal to overcome the challenges we face.  Jim Tallman will review the investments, team of customers, library industry professionals, new leadership, and new solutions dedicated to deliver the next generation systems. This keynote will launch the feedback and commitment crucial for our mutual success.

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