Collaborative Cyberinfrastructure Support for Researchers in the Show Me State

Researchers have data and they need some help to use it, manage it, and preserve it. Stakeholders, including faculty, graduate students, information technology services, university administration, and libraries, are engaged in an ongoing conversation about how to best meet current and future data needs on our campuses. National and regional conversations are encouraging the development of a culture of sharing and coordination of existing resources as the best means to support researchers at every size and type of institution. This presentation will bring you up-to-date on what is happening in our region and at the University of Missouri. We’ll also share information with you about a new initiative called ShowMeCI, a collaborative effort to share cyberinfrastructure information, education, and resources across the state of Missouri and to leverage our collective resources more efficiently and effectively. Librarians can help by sharing information with their campus researchers and information technology specialists about the opportunity to leverage resources in our state and region.

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Timothy Middelkoop
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Greg Monaco
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Great Plains Network & Kansas State University
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Director of Research Computing Support Services, University of Missouri, Columbia
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Jeannette Pierce
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Associate Director for Research and Information Services, University of Missouri, Columbia
Leadership & Management
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