Customize Your Print Templates

Are your overdue notices not getting any notice? Ever wish you could add color to your courtesy emails? Or extra lines to help with workflow on your paging slips? If your print templates are not living up to their potential, you are not alone. If you are new to print templates or just want to pick up a few tips, this session is for you. Participants will learn how to make put notices work by gaining insight into the workings of Sierra’s print templates module and Jaspersoft Studio, as well as the basics of print template design. This session will cover importing and exporting templates, how to add fancy elements to your template, such as images, urls and barcodes.

While this session may not make you an expert, it will give you the tools to learn more about print templates and possibly some ideas about adding marketing elements and streamlining workflows. Participation is encouraged- if you are new, please bring your questions, and if you already use print templates, bring your own tips and suggestions to share.

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Ellie Kohler
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Rockhurst University Library
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Access and Learning Services Librarian
Public/Access Services
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