Ship Smart! How to create a shipping log for your MOBIUS shipments using Data Trac

The beauty of our system is that it requires no additional purchases of equipment to implement. With an existing bar-code scanner used by your library, you can create searchable folders through Windows that will allow you to quickly search ba-rcode logs to see when a book was shipped, where it was shipped to, and what other items it was shipped with. You can then cross reference your search with the Datatrac log to see when the shipment arrived to assist in inquiries.

These logs are also commonly used to investigate items that have been claimed returned but may have not been checked in properly, to check the status of an item that has been sent to another library, or to identify the status of an in transit too long item that has been shipped. Shipping logs allow access service workers to be more credible when discussing shipped books with patrons and other libraries.

The presentation will show how to use an existing barcode to create a daily log, how to organize those logs by month and year so that they are easily searched, and how to search those logs for the relevant books or MOBIUS bag. The presentation will walk through various scenarios to show how the logs can be used to help patrons and other libraries more efficiently when the status of a shipped book needs to be verified. The presentation will use power point and will have video examples of the system at work along with the procedure we use to prepare the MOBIUS shipment while creating the daily log in the process.

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Lucas Guffey
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Saint Louis University
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Library Associate Senior
Public/Access Services
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