Assessing Community Needs and Resources: use Business Strategies to Improve Library Survey Design and Results

First, we will discuss how to define your objectives: Why is defining the scope of your survey challenging? What specifically do you want to find out? What will you do with the information? Communicating with management is essential for this step.

Second, we will cover how to design survey questions: We will discuss the differences between quantitative and qualitative data and learn when each type is appropriate, as well as effective measurement approaches you can use. We will also talk about how to use the survey instrument as a marketing tool simply by the way the questions are designed.

Third, we will cover the importance of marketing the survey and specifically how to market it to maximize your response rate. How do you analyze your market before you create a marketing strategy? When should you start your marketing effort? How long should you market before administering the survey? How do you create buy-in with your core groups so that they want to take your survey? How do you market with technology? Learn how to plan your marketing strategy well in advance of your actual marketing effort.

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Judy Geczi MBA, MLIS
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Saint Louis University
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Business Librarian
Leadership & Management
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